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Mardi 11 Déc. 2018 - 5:26



VPN circuits

An end-to-end circuit (also called VPN service) is available on RENATER. This offer includes Point to-point circuits which enable private interconnection service between two sites and Multi-point to multipoint circuits which enable interconnections between several RENATER sites in the same private network. This offer of circuit is based on various technologies :
- 10G DWDM lambdas
- L3VPN (vrf)
- Premium IP
- Tunnels GRE
- Tunnels IPsec

For every request, the GIP RENATER chooses the best solution to build the circuit , according to the services which must be conveyed in the circuit (Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6, multicast), to the wanted bandwidth and the cost. For that reason it is important to specify very well the needs for every circuit request