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Mardi 11 Déc. 2018 - 5:35



Hosting of mailing lists and collaborative tools

Universalist is a hosting of mailing lists service

Although most of the establishments of our community have a Sympa server, there is a high demand of hosting for thematic lists.

Who can ask for the creation of lists ?
Every person can present a request in the name of an establishment or a member of RENATER. The list is immediately operational after our decision. The hosting is free of charge

Is it possible to have its own domain ?
Some members or associations of our community wish to show their domain in the internet address of their lists.
_Some examples of hosted servers :, to, to,,,, to, to to,

Associated collaborative Tools
The collaborative tools come to be transplanted to Universalists. They are accessible via the Web interface of the list :

- Foodle : meeting scheduling tool
- Wiki associated with every list
- Poll : conduct on-line survey (Limesurvey)

- Contact : support-groupware