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TNC17 Networking Conference - 29 may -2 june - Linz, Austria

15 mai 2017

The Art of Creative Networking

The TNC17 Networking Conference is the largest and most prestigious European research networking conference, with more than 650 participants attending this annual event. TNC brings together decision makers, managers, networking and collaboration specialists, and identity and access management experts from all major European networking and research organisations, universities, worldwide sister institutions, as well as industry representatives.

Through the joined forces of Europe’s national research and education networking (NREN) organisations, the GÉANT Project has been a vital element of Europe’s e-infrastructure strategy for over 15 years. For GN4 Phase 2 (GN4-2),

Partners work together to provide network connectivity and to collaborate on joint research activities, investing in the development and delivery of an advanced portfolio of services, tools and network capabilities to institutions, projects and researchers.

At the heart of TNC17, GÉANT Project speakers will demonstrate the impact of the leading network for research and education

Jean-François Guezou from RENATER is a speaker in the following presentations :

French medical students now take digital exams

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