TNC21, la 36e édition de la conférence, a eu lieu du 21 au 25 juin 2021  entièrement en ligne pour la première fois dans l’histoire de TNC en raison des restrictions dues à la pandémie de COVID.

Les vagues peuvent construire et détruire des rivages, leur impact est transformateur et puissant.  De même, les technologies numériques ont un impact sur la recherche et l’éducation grâce à leurs capacités de transformation et d’évolution.
Dans le monde entier, les réseaux enseignement recherche relient les équipes qui réalisent des découvertes ayant un impact sur nos vies et les améliorant.

réseaux de données les plus rapides, les services d’identité les plus fiables et les initiatives de collaboration.

Les NREN inspirent, perturbent, font des vagues et permettent le progrès.







Industrial Time and Frequency service deployment in RENATER network

Time & Frequency (T&F) as an optical service has become a hot topic in the past ten years. National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) in collaboration with NRENs have demonstrated higher frequency stability than any existing commercial service, offering tremendous potential in a wide range of scientific, societal and economic domains. We report here the first long-haul bidirectional industrial implementations operating in the C-band at 1542.14nm and co-propagating with data-traffic in the RENATER network. This presentation will show the high level of maturity of optical T&F link deployment and how this service is integrated in NREN day-to-day procedures (commissioning, operating, monitoring) with other standard services.

Speakers: Nicolas Quintin (GIP-RENATER), Jean Lautier-Gaud (µQuans )


RARE – Router for Academia and Research & Education

This presentation introduces the Router for Academia, Research and Education (RARE) project, developed within the Network Technologies and Services Development WP (WP6) of the GÉANT GN4-3 project. RARE provides a full-fledged open-source router implemented thanks to a line-rate data plane (P4) with an open source control plane (FreeRouter) supporting a rich protocol feature set. To support testing and validation, a GÉANT P4 Laboratory (GP4L) has been deployed on four PoPs; this also offered for research purposes. RARE has also been deployed in different production scenarios.

Speakers: Mr Frédéric Loui (RENATER), Jordi Ortiz (University of Murcia)


Busting Phishing

SPF, DKIM, DMARC. These are well-known acronyms which show up regularly in some technical posts. And also in advertisements about mail deliverability for would-be spammers. If you had to deal with mail systems, you probably know two things about them:
1- they are used for mail server authentication,
2- they are never really implemented to enforce security policies, merely to respect general good practices.
And that’s a shame.
We all know that there is no absolute solution against spam or phishing – or they would have disappeared already.
However, these three RFC, added to the more recent ARC, can be powerful tools to greatly decrease the number of phishing arriving in our mailboxes.

Speaker: David Verdin (RENATER)


PARTAGE: The French R&E community on-premise pooled collaborative email solution

We will present the Messaging and Collaborative platform provided by RENATER to the French Research and Higher Education community, which is hosted and operated by RENATER.
This service aims to provide a real alternative to major commercial platforms, and takes into account French government data security recommendations, for example data are stored in France by RENATER.

Speaker: Laurent Aublet-Cuvelier (RENATER)


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