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Mardi 11 Déc. 2018 - 5:31

RENATER Agreement


To get connected to RENATER an organisation must have an Agreement signed with GIP RENATER, which includes the Acceptable Use Policy. If the concerned organisation doesn’t belong to a member of GIP RENATER, a contract will be proposed by the GIP RENATER.

Access to the RENATER backbone needs to use a regional network. These networks can be regional, departmental, or MAN network : users are connected to these networks to reach the national network.

Regional or MANs networks are financially and administratively independant of the GIP RENATER who only manages the backbone, ie national and international connectivity.

As a result, the use of RENATER can imply two contracts :

- One covering the use of the regional network or MAN.
- One covering the use of national and international resources. This contract must be signed with the GIP RENATER.

GIP RENATER also provides the connected institutions with IP adresses, ".fr" domain name.

The users also benefit from the RENATER CERT.

For any request, please contact :