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Mardi 11 Déc. 2018 - 6:09

Connectivity and access


Physical acces
You can connect to RENATER through a metropolitan or regional network , behind a cascading already connected site, or directly on NR .

IP connectivity

RENATER provides a native IP connectivity service unicast and multicast for both versions of the IP protocol (IPv4 and IPv6) with all authorized institutions and more generally with the Internet. Multicast allows an optimal distribution of perspective rate used on the network from a source to a set of recipients .

RENATER assigns you an IP address pool based on your requirements, according to the address allocation policies discussed and approved
[ RIPE- > ripe -policies / ripe- policies] .

You can also use your IP address pool if it is independent of any service provider .

The only routing protocol allowing the interconnection between the client and RENATER network is BGP-4 . A eBGP peering is configured between (or ) router (s) and RENATER (or ) router (s) of your network.

3 types of ads to choose from can be received RENATER (for each of IPv4 unicast address families / multicast and IPv6 unicast / multicast) :
- The full Internet routing table ( but you must be able to support the number of routes received ) ;
- All prefixes RENATER institutions.
- A default route.