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Mardi 11 Déc. 2018 - 5:17



Eduroam (meaning « education roaming ») is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

_It enables the internet user to have a secured access to internet WIFI when connecting from any organization which has deployed the service.

The connection is establish in a very easy and transparency way (same login and password) between the establishment from where the user is and the reception establishment. The authentication of a user is made by its establishment of fastening through a hierarchy of RADIUS servers.

Eduspot, a way to simplify the wireless network access for the students
Eduspot aims to simplify, in a national level, the wireless network access for the users, inside of their establishment, but especially during the visits of other establisments. Eduspot is based on the Education-Research Federation as an authentication infrastructure and on a set of common practices.