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Mercredi 21 Nov. 2018 - 3:07

JRA1 - Performance Measurement and Management


The goal of this activity is to provide a solution for end-to-end network monitoring and for performance problems troubleshooting when they are occuring on a path crossing several domains. Today each network operator deploy its own set of tools and there is no automated exchange of monitoring data between network operators.

For several multinational projects (grids...), this need to get a precise view of the network behaviour has been clearly identified and has underlined the lack of coordination between the related network operation centers. A set of tools, grouped today under the label perfSONAR ( has been implemented within the project framework and thanks to a very good collaboration with Internet2 and ESNET in the united-States. They had started working on that topic some time ago and had already some knowledge and tools available. It is now possible to get real time utilization of all links of a path crossing networks having deployed perfSONAR.

RENATER was responsible for the design of perfSONAR architecture, and of the support of IPv6 and multicast technologies. RENATER is now active in making sure the tools are widely adopted (dissemination, workshops, documentation, support...)