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International links


Links via GÉANT
International links are mainly provided by GIANT the panEuropean network for Education and Research. The GÉANT project is a collaboration between 32 National Research and Education European Networks (NRENs).

Cross-border fiber links

_Cross-border fiber links between Strasbourg and Kehl :
Since 2007, a Strasbourg and Kehl cross-border link is used to directly interconnect the French NREN to the German network(X-WIN of DFN). A dark fiber supports the activation of 10 Gbps wavelengths.

_Cross-border links between Nancy and Esch/Alzette (Luxembourg) :
In 2010, a Croos-border optical fiber infrastructure for the project lot@ is commissioned between Nancy and Esch/Alzette(Luxemburg).
Two 10 Gbps optical circuits have been activated on the DF : one for Grid’5000 and another to allow IP traffic toRESTENA (Luxemburg NREN) and later for academic sites on both sites of the border (in Belgium and Luxemburg as well).

Commodity Internet access

RENATER has two 10G commodity Internet access ports : one in Paris and one in Lyon
, provided by two operators (Cable&Wireless and Level 3).


SFINX is an IXP (Internet eXchange Point) managed by RENATER. Launched in 1995, at the beginning of Internet, SFINX was one of the first IXP in France. Its aim is to optimize the Internet traffic in France, in a neutral mode with respect to the commercial sector.
SFINX is deployed over 2 fibres interconnected points of presence in Paris and close suburb.
Available interfaces are 10/100Mbps, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
In July 2010, an interconnection was activated between SFINX and France-IX, with two 10GE links. While being connected to SFINX, it is possible to establish peering agreements with the France-IX members. This year, 2 root-server have been deployed to simplify the peering both for
IPv4 and IPv6.

REUNIX - Réunion IXP

RENATER manages an IXP called REUNIX which is hosted at the University of La Réunion
(Saint Denis).
The fast evolution of Internet usages in La Réunion island, several operators have desired to update their connection to the REUNIX. A Gigabit-Ethernet offer has been requested and the possibility of direct connections (no need for the operator to install an equipment on the REUNIX) as well.
To implement this, two new equipment were installed by RENATER in 2010.


The technical building blocks have been set up for the Mayotte IXP in the same premises as