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Mardi 11 Déc. 2018 - 6:13

Group of Consultation


Presentation of the Group of Consultation on the Services (GCS)

The GIP RENATER enriched its portfolio of applicative services for its users, and proposes as a supplement to the network services, a panel of services such as eduroam, the federation of identities, the certificates servers or the antispam service.

In order to participate in the definition of these services and lead a forward-looking reflection, the Board of directors of the GIP RENATER created a Group of Consultation on the Services (GCS). The GCS consists of each members of RENATER (represented by one or two persons), of the Technical Director of RENATER and his deputy, and of the External Relations Director of the GIP RENATER.

They consider the possible evolution of existing services but also a collaborative messaging service, the development of telephony over IP and video conferencing, and the last mile issue, etc.

The GCS group has established several working groups, and any recommendation will be forwarded to the RENATER Board of Directors.

Contact : Sabine Jaume