GÉANT Learning and Development (GLAD) is delighted to announce the launch of its 2023 Future Talent Programme (FTP23).


The Future Talent Programme gives students and young professionals from GÉANT’s member organisations the opportunity to receive expert presentation coaching and present their ideas at the prestigious




Any candidate studying at a university or learning provider affiliated with GÉANT’s National Members or early-career professionals working at a member NREN can participate in this programme.


Ideal candidates are Master’s, PhD or Undergraduate students, or interns and early career professionals at your NREN, who want to commit time and energy to develop their skills and share their ideas with the wider R&E community. Their presentation topic could be an idea or research project the candidate has been working on that addresses a technical, economic, legal, security or environmental aspect in any IT and networks field.


Nominations, Registrations and Deadlines

Each NREN can nominate up to three candidates. All eligible candidates are accepted onto the Future Talent Programme. The deadline to register your candidates is 28th February 2023.


At registration, applicants will be asked to prepare a short description of their proposed topic. This description will be used as the basis of the student’s proposal to give a Lightning Talk at TNC23. As soon as applicants are accepted onto FTP23, they will be offered advice on how to strengthen their Lightning Talk proposal, which they will need to submit by the 10th of March.


Benefit to NRENS:

  • The Future Talent Programme allows NRENs to build a network of talented young researchers who might become future employees.
  • NRENs can offer FTP as a service to their own members, thus enhancing their offering.


How to apply:

Details of how to apply and requirements are here. This short video shows previous FTP students talking about their experience.


Attached is a flyer that explains more.



On the 24th of January at 11:00 CET, GÉANT is organising a 45 minutes infoshare on this topic to share more information and answer questions. Please register here.


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