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TNC20, the 36th edition of the largest and most prestigious European research and education networking conference, will be hosted by Jisc, the United Kingdom’s National Research and Education Network organisation, and will be held in Brighton, UK.

TNC brings together decision makers, networking and collaboration specialists, plus identity and access management experts from all major European NRENs, universities, worldwide sister institutions, as well as industry representatives. Through keynotes speeches by renowned specialists, varying parallel sessions and demonstrations, TNC presents participants with a unique overview of the latest developments in research networking, both in the technical field and in the area of application and management.


RENATER participe at this event


    3A : Community driven Solutions

    09/06/2020  de 16.00 - 17.30

    Laurent Aublet-cuvelier  (RENATER) "On premise email collaborative platform provided to the French Research and             Education community: Yes we can !"


     10/06 /2020 à 16h - 17h30

     Xavier Jeanin, (RENATER)  "White Box for Research and Education" 


    White Box for Research and Education

The networking industry landscape is evolving fast, driven by cloud market. The new router type called white box, is not only very competitive in comparison with traditional router but also decouples the network operating system from the hardware in order to remove the lock market effect. Is the network in the same situation now as when Linux appeared in the UNIX world? Is white box a real opportunity for research and education networks? In order to suggest a first answer, the performance analyses, the use cases investigation and the feedback from the first white box deployments in production will be presented.

Speakers: Xavier Jeannin, (RENATER)

Within the last decade, optical atomic clocks have shown to be outperforming the best Cesium clocks, which are used to realize the unit of time. Being able to connect those new clocks has shown tremendous potential that would stimulate multitude of domains (fundamental research, GNSS, dissemination of the SI second, smart grid…) leading to the emergence of new Time and Frequency services. We report here on first long-haul bidirectional industrial implementation operating @1542.14 nm and co-propagating with data-traffic, Paris-Lille (2018) and Paris-Grenoble (2020). Service is fully integrated in RENATER day-to-day procedures (commissioning, operating, monitoring) as any other standard service.

Speakers: Paul Eric Pottie, (LNE-SYRTE)


     10C: Wave patterns Optical Time & Frequency Network


      11/06 /2020 de 11h00- 12h30   

      Xavier jeannin, (RENATER) "Optical Time & Frequency Network"

    Optical Time & Frequency Network

Time and Frequency (T&F) services are critical to many civilian and industrial sectors, like positioning, energy, finance, advanced science use case. Therefore T&F services become of major interest. During the past few years, National Metrology Institutes have successfully developed non-standard fibre-based techniques. These new techniques are showing unmatched stability performances – three orders of magnitude better than the best commercial services. Once again, NRENs are in a strong position to undertake applied research in a way that commercial companies would find difficult. OTFN is catalysing the emergence of these new T&F services in Europe by creating new opportunities and raising awareness. Therefore, will proudly present early achievements together with recommendations.

Speakers: Xavier jeannin, (RENATER)


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