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In the post-covid digital age, videoconferencing has become an indispensable tool for communication and collaboration. However, with the prevalence of proprietary solutions, many organizations face challenges related to privacy, technical control, and resource management. The SIPMediaGW project by RENATER offers an open-source, flexible, and resource-efficient addition that promotes sovereignty and sustainability.

Enriching Existing Solutions with Room Connectors

SIPMediaGW enhances any WebRTC-based or browser-accessible videoconferencing system, making it particularly useful for open-source platforms like Jitsi and BigBlueButton (BBB). This project provides the technical foundation for implementing “room connectors”, enabling traditional meeting room equipment to interface seamlessly with modern videoconferencing systems. By leveraging SIPMediaGW, organizations can create a more integrated and user-friendly collaboration environment.

Interoperability with Existing Hardware

The standout features of SIPMediaGW is its ability to connect with traditional meeting room equipment through the SIP protocol. Organizations can reuse existing hardware, such as conference room phones and video systems, integrating them seamlessly into their modern videoconferencing setup. This not only enhances the user experience by maintaining a familiar environment but also promotes sustainability by reducing electronic waste.

Content Sharing and Unique Features

SIPMediaGW supports content sharing via BFCP (Binary Floor Control Protocol), a feature that is unique among open-source solutions. This protocol allows for efficient and smooth content sharing during videoconferences, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

Comprehensive SIP Ecosystem

The SIPMediaGW project provides a complete SIP ecosystem, including a signaling server, media relays and monitoring tools. This comprehensive approach aims to provide all the necessary components for the optimal use and integration of the solution.

Cloud Deployment and Autoscaling

Designed for easy deployment in cloud environments, SIPMediaGW supports autoscaling to ensure resources are only consumed when needed. This dynamic scaling capability optimizes resource usage, minimizing costs and environmental impact. When the demand for videoconferencing spikes, additional resources are automatically allocated, and they are scaled down when the demand decreases.

Media Gateway Capabilities

Beyond providing SIP interconnection, SIPMediaGW can serve as a general media gateway. The existing version supports RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol), allowing for streaming capabilities in addition to traditional videoconferencing. This flexibility allows for handling various scenarios around a collaborative platform, making SIPMediaGW a valuable asset for any multimedia communication infrastructure.


SIPMediaGW is an key component for implementing a comprehensive, open, and versatile videoconferencing solution. By integrating SIPMediaGW, organizations can enhance their videoconferencing tools while maintaining control over their digital infrastructure. This project promotes the reuse of existing hardware, reducing electronic waste and dependence on proprietary systems, thus contributing to a more sustainable and autonomous digital future.

For more information, visit RENATER’s GitHub page.