As an Education and Research community pooling organisation, RENATER GIP has an information system security coordination and organisation role.

To guarantee the continuity of the information system security chain for the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research, RENATER provides the tools allowing:

  • To appoint Information Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in institutions;
  • To guarantee communication between CISOs and between the Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO).

An intranet is also available to them. It contains a certain amount of information to help them fulfil their mission.

They will especially find a set of documents they can use to draw up an information system security policy (ISSP) for their institution, as well as a legal watch so that they can keep abreast of current events relating to personal data, Internet technology, paperless systems, etc.

Furthermore, theme days are organised every two years to meet and discuss current ISS issues. These are the CISO days.


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