The State Inter-ministry Network (RIE) connects all State services on the national territory. For these services, it provides the transport of entity internal flows, secure exchanges between entities, as well as secure exchanges with third-party networks, in particular the Internet and the European Community Inter Member State Network (TESTA).

On behalf of the DINSIC (Inter-ministry digital and State communication information system department), RENATER operates several optical circuits connecting the 12 BIPs (Backbone Interconnection Points) which are the core of the RIE.

The national optical backbone is based on the RENATER network high-speed optical infrastructure. RENATER supports the changing needs of the DINSIC by deploying additional optical capacities.

A secure interconnection between the RIE and RENATER has been set up to allow the sites connected to RENATER to benefit from inter-ministry services in partner mode using access filtering. Access to these services is possible by enabling the RIE Partner service.