Statut etudiant

The SUPDATA project, which is managed by MESRI-SIES and developed by RENATER, aims to create a central student enrolment information reporting system which also makes such information available to administrations using web services.

The project is also in line with the “Tell us once” principle of the French 10 August 2018 Act for a State at the service of a trust-based society. For students, this means that in practice once a higher education institution has registered a student’s enrolment, formalities with any administration requiring proof of student status will be easier.

The benefits:

  • Paperless student formalities – Students no longer need to provide administrations supporting documents in person or in paper format.
  • Universities or institutions certify the enrolment of students and prove the status.
  • To protect data privacy, only the data strictly necessary for the processing of the formalities are sent.


The sending of enrolment data by institutions in real time is planned, either automatically from school management software solutions or from the information systems of higher education institution or high school (for STS-CPGE) information systems, or by data exports from a web portal (

This project relies on the INES* application to guarantee data quality: student identity verification (prior registration) and duplicate management.

Student Status consultation by administrative service providers or companies with public delegation of responsibility will use API-Particulier or API FranceConnectées

For more information on the type of data or data feed:

For more information on the technical feed:


*INES allows all institutions to carry out real time searches for identifiers and registrations directly connected to the National Pupil and Student Identification Directory – RNIE-.

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In the spring of 2016, the French Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, Thierry Mandon, announced 50 simplification measures intended to reduce constraints and make life easier for agents and students. Measure 4 “A digital student identity” was intended to provide digital student identity beyond the student environment. Furthermore, as part of the State’s digital transformation, it is hoped that 100% of online administrative procedures will offer user authentication using FranceConnect by 2022.

In this context, a work group created in March 2016 and led by RENATER, associated with MESRI, MENJ, Amue, CNOUS, Cocktail, CSIESR, A-Dsi, INRIA and DINSIC, has been working on the implementation of a digital student identity and its inclusion in the FranceConnect system (DINSIC) Since the start of the group’s work in March 2016, FranceConnect is being deployed and has been enriched with several Identity Providers and Service Providers. Since the start of the 2018 academic year, almost all students can benefit from a digital identity on Ameli or via their mobile operators with the MobileConnect identity provider. The focus has therefore been on the specific uses of the student population and in particular on the development of a data provider for students.