The European Student Card initiative is the digitisation of the administrative procedures for Erasmus + student mobility. It will allow every student going abroad to identify themselves and easily and securely enrol electronically at higher education institutions in Europe, thus avoiding the need to deal with enrolment procedures and administrative formalities on site.

There are many benefits to this initiative, including:

  • For students:
    • Easier access to course materials prior to mobility, registration for online courses and automatic recognition of ECTS credits
    • Immediate access to host university services such as libraries, transport and accommodation
    • Discounts on cultural activities throughout the EU
  • For institutions:
    • Simplified online management of the entire mobility process, from student selection to ECTS credit recognition
    • Online student identification, simplified, secure exchange of their data – including their academic results – between higher education institutions
    • Reduction of the administrative burden generated by student mobility

The European Student Card Initiative is therefore part of a more general context of digitalisation of the various sectors of activity and of a Community strategy making a “Europe for the digital age” one of its two political objectives for 2024.

RENATER takes part in this initiative through several projects launched by the European Commission, notably “MyAcademicID ” and “EDSSI (European Digital Student Service Infrastructure)” .

To provide the best possible support to higher education institutions, RENATER and the Erasmus+ Agency are working together to facilitate this digital transition.

Through its expertise as an Education-Research Federation operator in France, RENATER is more especially involved in the issues relating to the European Student Identifier and its transmission via the Edugain Federation.


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