Partnership with WACREN and road maps for NRENs


The digital divide between Africa and Europe contributes to a scientific divide: most research programmes carried out in partnerships cannot be occur without satisfactory digital coverage.

It is therefore imperative that the NRENs (National Research and Education Network) grow there to reduce the North/South digital divide.

These networks will allow the Education and Research community to access a portfolio of services and stable, reliable, secure, fast and dedicated telecommunication infrastructure similar to RENATER in France.

In March 2011, RENATER signed a collaboration agreement with WACREN (West & Central Africa Research & Education Network) intended to develop cooperation and support the development of NRENs in that part of the world.

Since then, RENATER, together with CIRAD and IRD, has drawn up the roadmap for the NRENs in Cameroon, Madagascar and Ivory Coast, and has also taken part in the definition of the WACREN strategy thanks to the H2020 TANDEM project.

Moreover, following an intervention at the JRES 2017, RENATER continues its actions to support the development of its counterparts in French-speaking Africa, and has launched the “eqt4wacren” initiative



Contribution of expertise to the EUMEDCONNECT3 and AFRICACONNECT2 projects


AfricaConnect2 supports the development of high-capacity internet networks for research and education across Africa. It builds on existing networks in Eastern and Southern Africa and North Africa and will extend connectivity into West and Central Africa​.”

“EUMEDCONNECT3 sets out to create a high-capacity dedicated internet network for the research and education communities across the eastern Mediterranean region, enabling scientists and academics to collaborate and engage in innovative, data-intensive international projects.”