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Partenaire RIE

Access the resources available on the inter-ministerial network of the State 

The Inter-Ministerial Network of the State (RIE) connects all State ministries in France. It serves them by transporting their internal data and their secure data interchanges between themselves as well with external networks, including the Internet and the Trans-European Services for Telematics between Administrations (TESTA) network.


If sites connected to RENATER require access to the resources of the ministries linked to the RIE, they can subscribe to the RIE Partner service. 
Transport for the data interchanges is set up on RENATER (they pass via an L3 VPN circuit between the site and the RIE service platform). 
Approval by SCN-RIE (the governmental agency with a national remit for the RIE, which reports to DINSIC, the body responsible for RIE deployment and operation) is required before the service can be set up.

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connected to the RIE: