Over 20 institutions benefiting from the pooled offer

Over20 institutions benefiting from the specific offer / over 50.000 users



RENATER proposes two identity provider hosting offers (pooled and specific), to facilitate access to the Federation.
The pooled Identitas offer is for small structures. It allows you to benefit from a turnkey identity provider shared with other institutions of similar size (RENATER Connect).
The specific Identitas offer is for medium-sized structures that want more flexibility. It offers you the possibility of customising your Identity Provider configuration


RENATER supports you: The identity providers are deployed, hosted and maintained by RENATER. You therefore get RENATER’s expertise and reduce the costs related to the management of this complex building block.

A configuration as close as possible to your needs (specific offer): Some of your additional needs can be taken into account (CAS delegation, local federation, connection of a specific service, …).

Two tools in one: Provision of a directory and a user account management interface for institutions that do not already have one in their local IS.

As a head of institution:

Benefit from the outsourcing of a complex and costly to maintain component as well as from the global pooling of your resources.

As an it expert:

Focus on your other activities (directory, …): we manage the deployment and the maintenance of your IdP.


As a user:

Thanks to the Federation, you have access to all your services and to all the services available in the Federation, always using the institution user account.