Almost 250.000
web conferences in 2021




Work together remotely using Rendez-Vous by creating virtual meetings managed and chaired remotely. You then get features such as webcam use, screen sharing, instant messaging, exportable shared note-taking, etc.


High availability: Rendez-vous can be accessed directly from your desktop without downloading any software, or from your mobile device using the dedicated app.

Flexible access: Rendez-vous is instantly accessible from web browsers without prior booking or special video equipment. The service is also available to anyone outside the community as guests, whether they are in France or not.

Simplified authentication: Only the organiser is authenticated using identity federation beforehand to start the web conference.

« It is easy to use on PCs regardless of the OS without the additional installation of a (more or less) up-to-date browser for immediate organisation of the meeting. The links can be customised, making it possible to keep the same one over time (and therefore bookmark it). »

INSA Rouen user

As a head of institution:

You provide your teams a web conferencing solution included in the RENATER pack for about thirty participants.

As an it expert:

Rendez-Vous is based on the free Jitsi solution, no configuration required.


As a user:

You get our secure browser-accessible tool without downloading software to replace your face-to-face meetings.

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