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23 M transfers in 2021 with over 6 M uploads and 16,5 M downloads

An average of 46.000 users per month




FileSender lets you share files of up to 100Gb with a guarantee that your data is secure. Your files remain available for download for up to 30 days.


Available to all: all users can access the document using an e-mail invitation or a URL link, regardless of whether they are part of the Education-Research community or not.

Highly accessible file transfers: Your contacts outside the Education-Research community can also send you large files via an invitation.

Innovating features: You can track the number of times your contacts download your documents in real time.

« I use FileSender because as I create videos, I often send large files that can be several Gb in size, depending on the use. This service is essential to my work, in the past, sending big files was a real headache, if not impossible with the web offer and it was much more complicated to have to manage an FTP server (manage rights, server access times, etc. etc.). FileSender makes my everyday life easier, and not just a little easier. »

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Your data is stored in France on our sovereign platform.

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Our tool is based on the open source FileSender software, a secure solution used by all the European academic networks.


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You can transfer documents up to 100GB.

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