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Almost 200.000
eventos created in 2021

Almost 1,5 M
evento participations in 2021



To simply and effectively plan your events, Evento allows you to take into account participant availability and requests. The user-friendly web interface lets you connect your professional diary to benefit from additional features such as unavailable date alerts, etc.


Smart configuration: The advanced options give you:

  • “Maybe” answers.
  • Comment visibility.
  • The possibility of hiding the answers from other participants.

Practical features: To view your unavailability when creating or responding to an Evento.

Security: Your data will never be passed on to third parties and you can use the service without being bothered by eventual advertising.


« I started using Evento after the lockdown. I was able to complete several surveys to determine when I would be present at my workplace. I was also able to create a survey to determine when I would present my thesis. In my opinion, this service seems to be a reference in the Higher Education and Research community. My contacts are used to it and I trust RENATER to take into account security and confidentiality issues. »

INSA user

As a head of institution:

You get a secure service which is a good alternative to commercial solutions.

As an IT expert:

You benefit from our Moment open source project initiated by RENATER and hosted on SourceSup.


As a user:

You can easily create small date surveys by connecting your diary.

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