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RENATER GIP is organised around a General Assembly, a Board of Directors and two committees: the “Comité d’orientation technique, stratégique et scientifique” (Technical, Strategic and Scientific Orientation Committee, or COTSS), and the “Comité des usagers et des besoins” (User and Requirement Committee, or CUB).

The Managing Director is Éric Durieux.
The Chairman of the Board is Jean-Pierre Finance.

Technical, Strategic and Scientific Orientation Committee (COTSS)

The COTSS assists the Board and Management on matters of outlook, innovation and GIP strategy.

The Chairman is Jean-Pierre Verjus.

User and Requirement Committee (CUB)

The CUB assists the Board and Management to enable them to do the following:

  • Identify the immediate requirements of users;
  • Identify subjects requiring the launch of a pilot project.

The Chairman is Louis Arrivet.


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