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GÉANT network

Global architecture across Europe and worldwide


GÉANT is situated at the heart of the European Education and Research networks.

GÉANT is deploying an infrastructure to interconnect the national networks in Europe, including RENATER, and provide connections to the rest of the world.

Thanks to its integrated catalogue of connectivity, collaboration and identity services, GÉANT offers users highly reliable and unhindered access to computing, analytical, storage, application and other resources so that Europe remains at the cutting edge of research.

The GÉANT network’s connections with 38 European national network partners allow more than 50 million users to connect to 10,000 institutions throughout Europe and support all scientific disciplines.

The GÉANT network reaches capacities of up to 500 Gbit/s. Since its creation more than 20 years ago, the GÉANT network has progressively grown to enable European researchers to collaborate at the international level. Every day, the GÉANT IP backbone carries more than 1,000 terabytes of data.

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