RENATER is the digital expert at the service of the education and research community. Our teams design and operate a reliable, secure, very high-speed network guaranteeing national and international connectivity for the sole use of the education and research community, i.e. more than 2 million users in France.

We aim to help users meet the challenges of digital transformation by constantly innovating in the technologies that bring the most progress and performance.

RENATER exists in a national and international context by being a member of the pan-European GEANT network.

The digital boom and international dynamism contribute to creating a rewarding environment for our employees.

Whether you are a young graduate or more experienced, we offer you the opportunity to discover new professions in a fast-growing sector that is always at the cutting edge of innovation.

We offer our employees the opportunity to continuously increase their professional skills. If you want your career to be part of a positive new knowledge acquisition dynamic, come and grow your talents by contributing to our projects in our fields of expertise.