An “institution” refers to an entity with which the gip signs an approval.


RENATER approval of an institution is the set of terms and conditions that binds it to the RENATER GIP, that is to say the Approval Agreement, the Services part and the code of conduct.

  • The Approval agreement: it features the general and special terms and conditions of access to the RENATER network. The legal representative only needs to sign it once.
  • The RENATER Code of conduct: it defines the RENATER network use rules. It must be signed by the legal representative who indicates a security contact in it.
  • The RENATER Services part: it validates the connection speed for the site(s) connected to the RENATER network. It must be signed by the legal representative and returned if the access speed or list of secondary sites is changed.

These documents are generated from the information entered on the pass portal.

The signature of the Approval (by the GIP and the requesting institution) is a prerequisite to any RENATER network use.

Institutions are placed under the authority of a single person in charge (chairman, director, etc.) who is authorised to bind it legally and to appoint people (technical correspondent(s), safety correspondent(s), etc.) whose roles are indicated in the approval. An institution has a postal address, i.e. it has a given location.

An institution “qualifies” for the renater network if its status and activities allow it to apply for renater approval.


There are two kinds of qualified institution:

  • Those which are members or under the administrative supervision of a RENATER member and which can therefore apply for approval.
  • Those which are not attached to a RENATER member but which are nevertheless authorised because their activity at the service of the Education-Research community is compliant with the RENATER code of conduct; in that case the connection to RENATER will result in a financial agreement at the rate published by the GIP.

An institution is said to be “RENATER approved”, or simply “approved” when it has signed an approval with RENATER.

Download the RENATER code of ethics

Charte de déontologie RENATER