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Distribution list work platform 

Universalistes enables you to easily host your distribution lists of academic institutions in order to simplify collaborative work in the Education and Research community.


A distribution list is a mailing list used to ensure that a group of subscribers automatically receives all messages sent by either a subscriber in the list or its creator.  A moderation system is available.
Subscribe to lists that interest you thanks to the listing system and interact with subscribers — you can read, send, and reply to messages. 
The service can be managed by e-mail or via the web interface. 

In order to simplify cooperation, the following collaborative tools have been integrated into Universalistes and can be accessed directly via the list’s web interface: Wiki (a web page dedicated to the list), a survey tool (the LimeSurvey solution), Evento and FileSender.


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Inclus dans le pack RENATER.

Accessible via : groupes.renater.fr/sympa

Anyone can submit a request on behalf of a RENATER member  institution or body. 
The list is operational upon approval by RENATER


Number of messages sent a year:
more than 60 M

Number of lists hosted:
2 200