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Electronic certificates for your applications

TCS enables you to obtain electronic certificates for securing your online applications.


RENATER offers its community electronic certificates that are recognised by most software by default (web browsers, e-mail clients, smartphones, etc.). These certificates do not require any configuration on the client workstations. 

These services are the French version of the contract signed between the GéANT Association and the Digicert commercial certification provider for the benefit of around twenty national higher education and research networks in Europe, including RENATER.

Four services are available: 

  • A Server Certificates service.
  • A Personal Certificates service.
  • An Object Signature Certificates service.
  • A Document Signature Certificates service.


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Included in the RENATER package.

Souscribe in portail PASS.


Accessed via:

    by the named administrators and
  • by users