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Collaborative software forge

SourceSup can be used to host the Education and Research community’s IT projects and access the collaborative tools required for development work in your digital projects, providing functions including the following: 


  • Hosting and collaborative management of source
  • codes by Subversion and Git.
  • Change management.
  • Continuous integration (Jenkins, Sonar or Nexus).
  • Test notebook management (Testlink).
  • Bug or upgrade request management tool (natively with FusionForge or Mantis).
  • Task management.
  • Electronic document management (Nuxeo or Wiki).
  • Distribution list.
  • Discussion forums.
  • Survey management.
  • Hosting of static 
  • web pages.

All the code of the projects hosted in SourceSup remains in France to guarantee the integrity and privacy of data in your project. As a result, your project can be either private (visibility is restricted to the development team) or public (open to anyone)


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Included in the RENATER package.

Accessible via :


Total number of users a year: 

more than 8 000

Total number of hosted projects:

Nearly 3 000