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Access RENATER’s secure, high-performance network

IP Services connect your academic institution to RENATER’s network and enable you to communicate with others in the Education and Research community on a national and international level.




Your academic institution can now benefit from IP connectivity, no matter the speed: 

  • An ultra-high-speed secure network with some main line capacities exceeding 100 Gb/s.
  • Guaranteed resilience on a network operated 24/7, with an RTO of 4 hours or less after an incident. 
  • Uncapped, occasional exceeding of these speeds to address specific requirements is permitted (if technically feasible).

RENATER can help you choose the right connection based on your geographical location: 

  • Via a mainland or regional access network. 
  • Directly to a RENATER node.
  • For systems that require greater security and resilience, a double connection to two RENATER nodes is also possible.


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IP Services are delivered as a system of packages depending on the IP speed you choose. Packages include most RENATER services.

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