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RENATER GIP, the Public Interest Group (GIP) responsible for the sharing of services within the Education and Research community, plays an Information Security (IS) coordination and facilitation role.

It ensures Information Security chain continuity for the Ministry of Higher Education and Research by providing users with the tools to perform the following actions:

  • Record the names of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) for academic institutions;
  • Ensure communication between CISOs and between Information Security Officers (ISOs).

An intranet containing information intended to help them to perform their work is also available for their use.

This information includes documentation enabling them to write an Information Security Policy (ISP) for academic institutions, as well as legal intelligence keeping them informed of news regarding personal data, Internet technologies, dematerialisation, etc.

In addition, seminars are organised every two years to enable CISOs to meet and discuss the latest Information Security topics. These are called ‘CISO days’.

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