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Simple access to the Education and Research Federation

Until now, academic institutions had to deploy and configure each identity provider to use resources accessed via the Education and Research Federation.


With the Identitas hosting service, the identity providers are deployed, configured and hosted by RENATER, simplifying access to the community’s resources.

The service includes operation, maintenance and monitoring.
Identitas not only hosts the identity providers, it can also host an LDAP directory as the institution’s user directory.
Academic institutions can access the directory’s web interface, enabling them to add, delete and edit users and their rights.


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RENATER offers two identity provider hosting services, depending on the size of the school or university:

- Shared service
(included in the RENATER package) with the domain “RENATER Connect”.

- Dedicated service
(not included in the RENATER package)

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Télécharger la fiche de service Identitas

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