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Fédération Education-Recherche

Secure, authenticated access to the community’s resources 

The Education and Research Identity Federation provides a technical framework of trust enabling stakeholders in the Education and Research community to easily and securely access institutional resources (such as VLE, the remote learning platform, the documentation portal and specialised applications). The web services and resources offered by RENATER are already based on the Education and Research Federation.


Users can access services operated by other academic institutions by using your institution’s usual login page, in accordance with its security policy. 
As a result, users avoid having to remember a new username and password for each new service. 

Web application development is also simplified: there is no longer any need to manage local accounts for your users.
The Education and Research Federation is part of eduGAIN, the international identity federation service. This enables users to access resources provided by members of this inter-federation by logging in using their username and password for the body to which they belong.


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Number of member institutions: 
Nearly 350

Number of services in the Federation:

more than 1 000

Number of services in eduGAIN: 

more than 2 000