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Serving students, researchers, teachers and staff in the Education and Research community, RENATER offers a highly reliable and secure network simplifying collaboration and convergence in scientific and academic projects at the national level, but also at the European and international levels.



Network expertise supporting advanced technology

A RENATER network connection is composed of several layers:

  • The infrastructure, mainly composed of optical fibre
  • The network hardware
  • The data exchange protocols

Through all this equipment, the information is transported in the form of packets directed on the basis of their characteristics.

Our 24/7 supervision ensures that our users do not notice any incidents thanks to the resilience of our network.

RENATER’s expertise is based its infrastructure, hardware and configuration engineering.

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The data rates you need


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The RENATER network can support IP Services from 50 Mb to 10 Gb at the national level, and up to 100 Gb for special research projects.

In addition to the general Internet, RENATER lets you connect academic institutions to the Education and Research community in France, Europe and beyond.

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At the national level, RENATER provides Internet access and associated services to more than 1,300 sites in the Education and Research community.

Academic institutions are connected to the national RENATER network via local access networks.








To enable you to benefit from the performance and security provided by the RENATER network, we propose a system of packages including IP Services (covering a wide range of IP speeds), offering you access to the general Internet as well as to all of our services.



Regardless of which package you choose, you can access the various services proposed by RENATER, including the Education & Research Federation, our Security services (AntiSpam and Scan’ER), RENAvisio and all of our Collaboration services (Rendez-vous, FileSender, Evento, etc.).

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