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The access to the services of the GIP RENATER is made either via the connection to RENATER Nodes, or through collection networks. The tariffs of access to the IPv4 and IPv6 services and IPv6 of RENATER do not include the service of connecting (direct or via a collection network) which is in the charge of the subscriber.

Indeed, the tariffs of the collection networks change according to networks. To know them, contact the person in charge of the network with whom you think you are connected, according to your geographical location. In case of uncertainty, you can contact us and we shall give you the address and phone number of a contact.
Tariffs of access to the services IPV4 or IPV6 of the national backbone including the international access :

The GIP RENATER suggests reaching its network infrastructure with of four types of interfaces.

For any request for additional service (Virtual Private Network (or VPN), classes of service…) it is necessary to contact the GIP RENATER.
To obtain information concerning financial agreements, you can contact the team of the GIP :

or by e-mail : agrement
or by phone : +33 (0)4 67 16 38 25.