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Mardi 11 Déc. 2018 - 5:44

Connecting methods


An approved institution can be connected to RENATER in three different ways :

(a) it can be connected to a network, most often a collection network itself connected to RENATER,
(b) it can be connected direclty to a RENATER Node (NR), subjected to acceptance,
(c) it can be connected to an other institution itself connected to RENATER

The most common case is (a) one. In the application for approval it is important to indicate to which collection network the facility is connected and who is running it. The applicant must notify the collection network of his application. It will also specify the speed of connection to this network.

In the other cases, similar details are required. If the solution (c), which is not recommanded, is chosen the applicant must, of course, obtain the approval of the institution to which it wants to connect.