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Mardi 11 Déc. 2018 - 5:17

Broadband and metrology


The pooling of RENATER cost is based on respect of a licensed broadband for each institution.
This broadband is expressed in bit/s (or rather in Mbit/). The metrology on the network allows to determine an observed broadband.
As a matter of principle the observed broadband always has to remain lower than the approved broadband, otherwise the establishment has to restrict its consumption, or ask for a new approval (by asking for a higher approved broadband)
In the case of establishments linked by various manners (multi-sites establishments in particular) the service of metrology of the GIP takes care to aggregate different measures so that the observed broadband is a data concerning the signatory establishment of approval.

In practice a simple way to choose a approved broadband in a request is to choose a number of the same order of height that the best possible broadband (current or estimated in a near future) of the collection network in which the institution is connected.

The approved broadband is available on the interface SAGA